Your teak is first brought back to its true color by applying a special bleach powder dissolved in water. This loosens the surface dirt and lightens the wood slightly to begin the cleaning process. Then the pieces are washed with fresh water at high pressure to ensure complete removal of all mold, graying, dirt, and mildew. At this stage the teak returns amazingly to the beautiful golden brown color you once saw it as.

We repair any structural problems like loose slats or legs by using high tech glue that is long lasting against environmental abuse. We also can fix gouges and cracks with durable wood filler. If the damage is large, we restore by using actual teak wood which is hand carved to match the surface and contour of the area in question.

The teak wood is sanded nicely creating a smooth surface to apply the final finish. We use a special teak sealer which protects against damage from the sun, dirt, and other environmental pollutants. It also reacts as a water repellant to protect against rain and occasional usage of hoses to wash down your patio area. You also have the option of choosing an oil finish which is hand rubbed. The sheen of the finish is enhanced depending on the amount of coats the costumer desires. This finish is also water resistant. The finished pieces are really impressive.

Periodic Conservation of Your Teak Wood
We offer a low cost year round maintenance plan to keep your teak pieces looking their best. The elements won’t have a chance to affect the beautiful golden brown color that is seen when we finish the initial restoration process. In the long run, the cost of this plan will pay off by saving you, the costumer, the cost of redoing your pieces after long term negligence. It’s recommended that the pieces are treated every six months so the original color does not have a chance to fade. With a light sanding and reapplication of our teak sealer or oil, your furniture is insured to keep an excellent appearance and is always protected from the elements.


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